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Abstract Book

Kazuo Aoki On the slip boundary conditions for the compressible Navier-Stokes equations

Hyeong-Ohk Bae Mathematical models for volatility flocking in a stock market

Jiu-Gang Dong Flocking of the Cucker-Smale Model on General Digraphs

Hee Chul Park Interacting ultracold atomic kicked rotors: dynamical localization

Kwang-Hyun Cho Systems biology - Exploring emergent properties induced by collective dynamics of various molecules in a cell

Beom Jun Kim Formation of ant clusters

Oleksandr Kutovyi Markov evolutions for interacting particle systems in the continuum

Tai-Ping Liu Truth and beauty

Barbara Gentz Aspects of synchronization in coupled stochastic system

Kyoung Jin Lee Multi-stability of circadian phase wave within biological master clock, suprachiasmatic nucleus

Lorenzo Pareschi Kinetic equations for emerging collective phenomena: numerical methods and applications

Marshall Slemrod Fluids, elasticity, geometry and wild solutions

Hyo-Sung Ahn Distance-based control of K3 and K4 formations in 2-dimensional space

Hyunsuk Hong Effects of mixed coupling  and correlation on synchronization

Benoit Perthame Blow-up and synchronisation in PDE models of neural networks

Hyungbo Shim Averaged dynamics for synchronization of heterogeneous agents and its applications 

Xiongtao Zhang Uniform stability of the Cucker-Smale model and its application to the mean-field limit

Fatihcan Atay Effects of time delays on coordination dynamics

Dongnam Ko Particle-path analysis on Kuramoto oscillators with additive noise

Felipe Cucker On flocks influenced by closest neighbors

Shih-Hsien Yu Shock wave-acoustic wave-vorticity interaction for compressible Navier-Stokes equation

Hyeonjun Yun Consensus and synchronization in multi-agent systems: application to distributed coordination for optimal energy generation and flow

Hyun Kim Collective pulsatile expansion and swirls in proliferating tumor tissue

Yinglong Zhang Critical coupling strength of the Cucker-Smale model for flocking