Simone Baldi Adaptive strategies to cooperative platooning

Duxin Chen Inferring causal relationship in collective motion

Junjie Fu Collision avoidance of multi-agent systems with constrained dynamics

Sulan He Cooperative analysis of hybrid multi-agent systems

Jinwook Jung Collective stochastic dynamics of the Cucker-Smale ensemble under uncertain communication

Doheon Kim On the stochastic flocking of the Cucker-Smale flock with randomly switching topologies

Dohyun Kim Emergent dynamics of an orientation flocking model for a multi-agent system

Jeongho Kim Emergent dynamics of the relativistic Cucker-Smale model

Jaeseung Lee A hydrodynamic model for synchronization phenomena

Di Liu The Broad Learning framework and its applications

Hongzhe Liu Discrete-Time Algorithm for Distributed Optimization Problem with Local Constraints over Time-varying Unbalanced Directed Topologies

Mi Lv Attack Detection and Secure Estimation for CPSs under Adversarial Attacks

Yuezu Lv Distributed adaptive anti-windup consensus tracking of networked systems with switching topologies

Bora Moon Interplay of random inputs and adaptive couplings in the Winfree model

Hansol Park Emergent behaviors of Lohe tensor flocks

Jinyeong Park Emergent behaviors of the swarmalator model for position-phase aggregation

Meng Qiu Distributed cooperative anti-disturbance control of multi-agent systems

Wei Tan Turing Instability and Bifurcation in a Diffusion Predator-Prey Model with Beddington-DeAngelis Functional Response

Wenwu Yu Distributed Control and Optimization of Networked Collective Intelligence



The full list of abstracts can be found here.